68% of Nepalis say lockdown should be continued until coronavirus threat is gone

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68% of Nepalis say lockdown should be continued until coronavirus threat is gone

KATHMANDU, April 9 | A study has shown that nearly 68% Nepali people are in favor of extension of the ongoing lockdown until a coronavirus threat remains in the country.

The survey, conducted by Sharecast Initiative, an NGO, suggested that the lockdown should be in place until the coronavirus threat remains.

According to the survey, 5.9 % respondents said that the lockdown should be extended another week, after April 15. Likewise, 5.5% respondents said that the lockdown should be extended for two more weeks.

The survey done from April 4-6 also reveals that 5.2% of the people are not in favor of extending the lockdown. Instead, they prefer “extensive medication”.

“Majority are satisfied with the governments (local) effort to mitigate the spread of virus. Many say that lockdown has been very effective and can be continued until things settle down,” Sharecast said in its survey findings.

This is a representative sample from 47 districts using PPS sampling which covers 7 provinces, mountains/hills/plains and place of residence, according to the organization.

Households were randomly selected from the wards selected from place of residence (village municipalities, municipalities and metropolitan cities of the selected districts. At household level simple random method was used to identify the respondent at household level.

In its findings, the organization said that majority of Nepali know how to be safe from COVID-19. “Majority of Nepali knows the symptoms of COVID-19 and deny believing in fake information. Two third of respondents are living under fear. They fear about open boarder, returnee migrants who have not followed quarantine nor have been tested for COVID-19,” it said.

During the survey, some people also expressed their fear that they will not get proper treatment if they contract the virus.

Sharecast had used the database of 4830 respondents from Nepal Media Survey 2020 to randomly select respondents for COVID-19 KAP Survey.

1500 respondents were randomly selected out of which 1110 respondents participated in this survey to understand the knowledge, attitude and practice to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic, it said.

12 trained enumerators were deployed to conduct telephone interviews for this Survey.

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